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New to the area or long time native, Play365Sports leagues provide a perfect and fun way to stay active in a sport you love or start fresh with a new sport like Basketball, soccer, floor hockey, dodgeball, volleyball and kickball

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Can’t play this season, but don’t want your child to miss out on the fun? Have them register as a free agent to make new friends.  All free agent adults without a child must register with family or friends to play in any Play365Sports league.  Parent will have to check that they have read and understand the code of conduct on the registration page.

Individual Registrations

No team, No Worry. We’ll Help! When you register as an individual: Only youth players can elect to register as individuals. Should a player register as an individual and do not request a team they are considered to be FREE AGENTS and will be placed on a team for the season. All adult players registering must have a child or have a friends’ team that is already registered. If you don’t have a team, no problem – we love having people make new friends and placing FREE AGENTS together. Depending on availability we can help find you a team for your sport. Individuals and small groups of friends not already part of a full team will be placed together to make a full team. Once you register simply request and remind all of your friends to put in the PLAYERS TO BE TEAMED box and we’ll place you on the same team.

Family Registrations

Want to play but only have a few friends or family members and can’t make a full team, you can still join.
Adult players are able to register themselves and their child(ren) to either be placed on a team with friends or a family team who already has registered. For families who do not have enough players to make a full team of players, we will place your family of the few players with free agents and or other small families to make a full team. This is a great way to meet new friends without being placed on a team alone.

Full Team Registrations

Get your family, friends, and coworkers together to play on your team! Just go to the registration page, choose your sport, and submit your registration. Before the registration deadline, be sure that your other team members have completed registration and your name or team name to be placed on the registration form. Registration is easy for everyone to register on their own and saves captains the headache of collecting MONEY from every player.

As a team captain, the adult player will first register themselves and a child(ren) to play in a league. Once the adult players have registered for the season and select the box to be a captain, they will be responsible for completing their roster with registrations of family or friends.

*Captains Please Read* Teams that are not at Team Status meaning (Min # players) at Registration deadline will have 1 of 3 things happen in this order:

  1. Individuals (Free Agents) will be placed on your team in order to reach the minimum number of
    players needed for full team status
  2. Your registered player will be merged with another team in the league to reach the minimum number of players needed for full team status.
  3. Players will be credited for the upcoming season if they choose not to join another team in the league. Credits are only good for the season immediately following.
  • Child only
  • We will place you on a team
  • Parent & Child(ren)
  • Make new friends
Full Team
  • Family, friends, or Corporate teams
  • Min number of players for a full team

Registration Options

Option 1: Register Adult +1 child- $200.00

Option 2: Register Adult +2 children with sibling discount- $330

Option 3: Register per Family (2 Adults + 2 children)- $375.00

Option 4: Register child only-$140.00

Option 5: Register parent only-$70.00 *Must play on a friends team*


  • 7 week/8 game Season *1 week includes a double header* 
  • Team Shirt
  • Captain receive a free team photo
  • Referee & Facilities Fee
  • Equipment Provided
  • Awards (presented to each player in under 8-year-old division, ONLY Champion team in all other divisions)
  • Discounts and deals at Sponsor places

Play pledge: This is a fun first league, I vow and place my hand over my chest to always play my best, to have fun first and foremost, like everyone else.

registration options

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Leagues are starting up soon at gyms and fields in Tampa and the surrounding areas! Join a coed sports league near you and add some fun to your family’s week. Our league administrators will provide all the equipment for each game so all you have to do is show up and PLAY!

We have new seasons starting throughout the year in several sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Kickball. Soccer, and Volleyball.