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Play365Sports was started to create an environment where the entire family can have fun, stay active together in a sport they love and make friends along the way. Our directors not only run the league but also play in them as well.

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Play365Sports was started because our founder has children who participate in competitive sports which resulted in traveling and spending long hours at practice and games, ultimately consuming their entire weekend as a family.

“Over and over I would sit and watch moms and dads playing with their kids during halftime or after games and thought there is an opportunity here where parents would enjoy playing in a league with their kids” ~Jerome Smalls.

We believe our leagues provide parents an incredible opportunity to stay active and play alongside their kids and their friends and creating a bonding experience through sports without adding additional stress or conflict in schedules. We started with a simple purpose that escalated with a passion to provide a fun family environment for every family member (moms, dads, sons, and daughters) to participate in a co-ed sports league together.   

If you’re looking for a way to give your child a well-rounded sports foundation, then look no further.  Parents and sports activities are an integral part of every child’s physical and social development and we believe it is very important for kids to enjoy BOTH an encouraging and empowering environment so why not combine the two.  This is the perfect opportunity for parents to get off the sideline and get in the game, have a blast and enjoy some quality time with their new Play365Sports friends.

Play365Sports leagues are a great way to introduce children to multiple sports. At Play365Sports, kids and parents can make new friends while staying active and learning sportsmanship throughout the season.  Play365Sports players will learn fun and engaging ways to practice core values such as teamwork, confidence, and positive competition. 

At Play365Sports, your family will be sure to improve on athletic skills, making new friends, and collectively have fun while building long-lasting memories.  At the end of the game, it is our goal to make sure your family has fun playing TOGETHER!  We hope your family will join us in making some cool new memories this season. 


Our Story

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