Not exactly sure of what to expect before you register for the season? Well, we’ve helped take some of the guesswork out of it for you. Answers to commonly asked questions can be found here.

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Here are our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Log In to my Play365Sports Account?

You may find the login page for your Play365Sports account by clicking this link: https://play365sports.com/login

If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password” link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you forgot your username or email handle, please send an email to the League Director for assistance: [email protected]

How do I register as a Free Agent, Team Player, or Team Captain?

You can register as a Free Agent, Team Player, or Team Captain using this link: http://play365sports.leaguelab.com/leagues.

For Free Agents: If you are looking for a team, it is free to register as a free agent. Once you are registered, you and the captains of other teams may contact each other to possibly get recruited onto their team through the League Apps system. To contact team captains, log into the system and click on the league that you have registered for (i.e. “IPLAY4SF: Thursday Coed Fall 2015”) to view the league dashboard from within the system. Next, click on the “Teams” tab on the right-hand side to see a list of the registered teams and then click “Message Captain” to email the captain of the team you have selected. Once you are recruited onto a team, you will be responsible for your share of the team dues if the team has not already paid their team dues. If you are still having trouble finding a team, we recommend going to the fields on game nights to speak with players on other teams to see if they are looking for players. You may also try emailing the League General Manager for help.

 For Individual Players: If you are registering as a individual player on a specific team, you will be able to sign up onto your captain of the team that sent out a link to complete registration. Once the captain has approved your spot on the team’s roster, you will be responsible for your share of the team dues if the captain has not already paid the team dues.

For Team Captains: If you are registering as a team captain, you will be the principal contact person/liaison/spokesperson for your team. It is your responsibility to make sure the rest of your teammates register to fulfill the team’s roster requirements (see below). You will be responsible for making sure that your team has paid its dues before the start of the season and communicating necessary information from the League General Manager to your teammates, such as game cancellations, schedule changes, etc.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds – Requests for refunds must be made to [email protected] to the league administrator in writing via email. A 50% refund will be given to anyone who requests a refund beyond two weeks of the final day of registration. A $25 processing fee will be applied to all refunds which cannot be waived. Refunds will not be issued once a season has started.  All refunds processed may take up to 4-6 weeks.

What is the credit policy?

Credits are provided due to a medical emergency or unforeseen event which would cause the league to discontinue a season.  Credits awarded are not extended beyond the next available season being held.  Any credit that is not used during that season would be lost.

How many players do I need to have on my Team’s Roster to play?

For each league the minimum and maximum number of players per team may vary.  Please visit and read the league description overview.

How do I add a Player or Free Agent to my team's roster?

Team Captains can add Team Players and Free Agents to the Team’s Roster by logging in to their Play365Sports account. The tabs on the right side of the dashboard will allow the Team Captain to message/invite Team Players and Free Agents to join their team.

How competitive is the Play365Sports league?

Many players in the league would be described as intermediate, playing just for fun or to stay actively healthy.  Play365Sports leagues are designed and geared towards making sure all players are having fun as the top priority.

What else do I need to purchase to play?

For all Play365Sports leagues the equipment is provided for all games.  Additional personal equipment such as mouthpiece, gloves, kneepads may be required or recommended.

How do I select a division for my team?

During registration, the team captain may select the age division in which the team will play. The age division is set based on the youth players and all youth players must be within that age division to play. For questions on the different divisions, view the previous question.

How do I complete the liability waiver?

All participants are required to sign the Play365Sports Waiver before participating in any season or league. The Liability Waiver is included as part of the online registration process.

How do payments work for the league?

During the registration process, Team Captains may decide to pay the entire team fee with a single payment through their own account or they may decide to split the payment among a set number of players. Note: If you, as the Team Captain, select to split payments among more members than are registered on your roster, you will be responsible for paying the remaining funds on your team’s invoice.

How do I pay my league dues?

Payments may be made by signing-into account/registering on the website or over the phone with a staff member

For payments online, please sign in to your Play365Sports account using this link:
https://play365sports.com/login. Once you are logged in, then select “Invoices” tab
on the right side of your dashboard to view and pay your account balance.

 For payments over the phone, please call 813-591-0175. If you reach the voicemail, please leave a clear and detailed message with your contact phone number, location and sport and the League Director will call you back as soon as possible.

Where do payments for the league go?

Registration Payments from the Play365SPorts go towards facility rental, equipment upkeep, and league operations.

For more information about Play365Sports or to get involved, please click the link provided here: http://play365sports.com.

Where can I find my team's/league schedule?

Schedules for all the leagues can be found on the Play365Sports website under the sport and age division. Visit the website by clicking  here

How many games are in a season?

All teams are scheduled for eight (8) games before each season. If a team is forfeited on twice in one season, we will attempt to have one of their games made up and will be contacted by the League Director of when this game will take place.

How do I know if my Team made the championship?

The top two (2) teams in the division will make the championship. As the schedules are updated weekly, players are able to view the standing and determine if they are one of the top two teams during the final week.  If the standing comes down to the final game of the season the League Director will contact the captains of the teams prior to the final game of the season.

How does the championship work?

The playoffs are structured as one-game championship on the final day of the season, the top two teams for your division winners will play each other in a final game that will determine the League Champion!

What happens if you win the League/Playoffs/Division?

If you win the championship in your League’s Division, your team will be presented with championship medals.

Who do I contact if my team has to forfeit or how do I know if the other team has forfeited?

If your team has to forfeit a game, please contact the League Director immediately so that this information can be communicated to the other team and referees as early as possible.

When reporting a forfeit by phone or email, please include the details of your Team Name, your Sport, and Scheduled Start Time.  If your team is being forfeited on, the League Director will contact your Team Captain as early as possible with this information.

If a team forfeits twice in one season, they will be automatically disqualified from championship contention and ineligible to play for the championship during that season.

If a team forfeits after that time there will be a $25 fee that must be paid to the opponent. The $25 fee must be paid the following week after your forfeit.  All fees must be paid by cash or check before the team can resume playing games that season.

The League Director can be reached by email or phone at [email protected] or 813-591-0175.

What are the rules of Play365Sports league?

The rules of play for each league can be found using the following link

What else do I need to know before my first Play365Sports game?

Please review the league overview for rules and equipment prior to the start of the league.

What is the benefit of early registration?

By paying in full and registering early, your team is guaranteed a spot into the league and the player will save off the registration fee.