Who doesn’t love a good old fashion game of dodgeball? Our dodgeball league is a 6v6 or 8 v8 fast pace game where we encourage the kids to knock out as many parents as they can and our parents "Dodge, Dip, Dive, and Duck.

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Using our soft cushion balls everyone can leave the game safe and sound with only their ego bruised. Play365Sports dodgeball league game times provide families options to accommodate multiple children and busy schedules. Dodgeball seasons are offered year-round at selected locations.

Dodgeball Rules Overview:
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of (6) players. Teams must have at least two (2) women 
  • A player cross over any boundary lines is deemed “out”
  • Each team consists of no more than 8 players (2 must be females) on the court to start a round 
  • Games will consist of 5 seven-minute rounds
  • All thrown balls must be directed to the chest area and down
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If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your family active then look no further. Play365Sports dodgeball league is a perfect sports league in the Tampa Bay area. Play365Sports is a fun family environment for every family member (moms, dads, brothers, and sisters) to participate in a sports league together. Parents, this is your opportunity to get off the sideline and into the game with your child.

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Leagues are starting up soon at gyms and fields in Tampa and the surrounding areas! Join a co-ed dodgeball sports league near you and add some fun to your family’s week. Our league administrators will provide all the equipment for each game so all you have to do is show up and PLAY!

We have new seasons starting throughout the year in several sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Kickball. Soccer, and Volleyball.